‘American Crime Story’ is expertly tackling the issue of fame



“Fame is complicated” — so ponders a confused Brian “Kato” Kaelin, as played by Billy Magnussen, in the third episode of FX’s The People V. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, titled “The Dream Team.”


The scene is set. It’s 1994, shaggy-haired Kaelin is jogging with a pal in Santa Monica’s coastal Palisades Park at the peak of his just-about-exactly 15 minutes of notoriety in association with the Simpson murder trial, having gone from a struggling actor and confused police witness to the World’s Most Famous Couch-Surfing Houseguest


As the scene plays out, Kaelin is reveling in near-disbelief over his seeming good fortune — both personally and professionally, without noting that the uptick sprang from the death of once roommate Nicole Brown — when he’s hooted and whooped at admiringly by a bevy of hotties driving by who recognize him from TV. But he barely has a moment to enjoy the attention when another passerby threateningly condemns him for his association with Simpson, who in the pre-trail, post-Bronco chase days appeared perhaps at the most guilty in the public’s eyes. Read more…

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