Facebook.car joins Apple.car, but neither means a car is coming



Nearly everyone seems to want an Apple Car, and those hopes were raised higher earlier this week when it was revealed that the Apple.car domain had been registered by the tech giant

But hold on a second. After doing a little digging we discovered that Facebook registered Facebook.car, Facebook.cars and Facebook.Auto on the same day (Dec. 9, 2015) as Apple. Wait, what? Does that mean a Facebook car is coming, too?!

Everyone, pump your brakes. There’s a much simpler explanation

It turns out that the sunrise period for .car, .cars and .autos domains began on Dec. 9, 2015. So instead of connecting the dots and assuming that not only is Apple working on a car, but it might even be working on a car with Facebook (hey, anything is possible), it’s more likely that the legal departments of both companies simply followed the scheduled opportunity to protect their respective brands Read more…

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