In heartwarming twist, pregnant chimp adopts orphaned baby chimp



A pregnant chimp’s heartwarming gesture has shocked animal caretakers at an Australian zoo.

When a baby chimp named Boon’s mother died after giving birth, another pregnant chimp, Zombi, who watched over Boon’s mother during her final moments, stepped up. Zombi has adopted Boon as her own, an “unheard of” act for pregnant chimps, zoo officials have said.

“I’m humbled by what we’ve seen from the chimpanzee troop over the last few days—it’s unheard of to see a heavily pregnant chimpanzee adopt an orphaned newborn infant,” the Monarto zoo’s primate keeper, Laura Henley, said in a statement. “From the minute she first cradled the newborn, she’s been amazing — grooming, supporting and nursing the little man as though he was her own.” Read more…

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