Australian NFL player is a typical Aussie when mic’d up for 49ers



Australian rugby league treasure and recent NFL convert, Jarryd Hayne, is still dropping some full-on Aussie slang and in typical Down Under-fashion, sledging the referee.

Hayne, who made the San Francisco 49ers team this season, is the latest NFL player to have a microphone attached to him while out on the field, and the results show an eager player still trying to find his feetHayne had an amazing pre-season but many are watching his every move, and he may understandably be feeling the pressure as the video captures him fumbling after calling for a fair catch.

The video, released on the 49ers website, sees Hayne boosting team morale, perfecting his American accent, and letting the referees know that despite being from Australia, he definitely “knows the rules.” He also uses the word “baby” a little too much for comfort Read more…

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