David Cameron was ‘visibly emotional’ as he embraced Obama at NATO summit



David Cameron got a little emotional – for David Cameron, at least – at this week’s NATO summit on Ukraine.


The British prime minister, who will resign in October in the wake of the “Brexit” referendum, posed for photos with President Obama, German chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi and French president Francois Hollande after their meeting with Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko in Warsaw.



Image: dominic lipinski/PA Wire/Press Association Images/ap

“The leaders posed for photos in a rather poky room, saying little beyond pleasantries,” read a White House pool report. “But as they parted, there was a wistful moment as Cameron bid Obama and the other leaders farewell.  Read more…


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Use Coffee Filters to Make an Impromptu Infusion Satchel

Use Coffee Filters to Make an Impromptu Infusion Satchel

Cheesecloth and muslin bags are the preferred wrapping material for bouquet garni (aka flavorful little bundles of tasty herbs and other flavorings), but a simple coffee filter can be used with the same results.


Not only I am much more likely to have coffee filters on hand than cheesecloth, but coffee filters are much cheaper (and compostable!). To make a little infusion packet for soups, teas, or tinctures, place your ingredients in the center of the filter, tie it up with a bit of twine, and submerge until your liquid is properly flavored. Remove, toss into the compost, and repeat as needed.

12 Uses for Coffee Filters (Other Than for Coffee) | Epicurious

Photo by Samantha Celera.

Majestic dachshund named Skeeter flies with help from industrial fan



Out of the way, Superman – Skeeter will fly circles around you.


This furry superhero conquers the sky with help from his human, an industrial fan and R. Kelly.


Fly, fuzzy wiener dog, fly.


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8 biggest digital entertainment trends in 2016 (so far)



It’s the halfway point of 2016, a perfect time to take stock of the best entertainment offerings of the half-year. Check out our picks for the biggest digital entertainment trends of the year are below – and since “The top 16 of 2016” is exactly 50% premature, we chose the Top 8.  


Also check out our lists of the best television episodes, movies, games, albums, and beauty moments that have happened in the first half of 2016.   


1. All things live 




Earlier this months, House Democrats live streamed a sit-in to protest the Republican majority’s inaction on gun control. But to the general public, the House floor footage was only available on social media, with even CSPAN broadcasting Periscope feeds. Read more…


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These Irish guys perfectly summed up just how spectacularly confusing Brexit is



If you’re getting confused by this whole Brexit thing, you’re most certainly not alone.


The sketch above, made by Irish YouTubers Foil Arms and Hog, explains just how difficult Brexit is to understand, and what leaving the European Union might mean for the UK.


It’s tough to pick a favourite line, but we particularly enjoyed the question about “Brexit and Ook”.


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The Fantasy Soundtrack Playlist

The Fantasy Soundtrack Playlist

There’s never been a better time to be a fantasy nerd. As Game of Thrones wraps up its sixth season, take some time to appreciate the grand tradition of music in the fantasy stories we love.

Music nerds have a lot to love in fantasy franchises. Whether it’s the instantly iconic masterpiece of the Game of Thrones opening, or the genius interplay of leitmotifs throughout the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the fantasy genre is full of music that lives up to the name “fantastic.”

This playlist, from Spotify user Tyler Ash, compiles some of the greatest fantasy soundtracks from shows, movies and games like Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Fable, Dragon Age, Witcher, and Dungeons and Dragons. Turn on shuffle mode and let it play through the weekend as you get ready for George R.R. Martin to break your heart yet again.

Welcome to our Featured Playlist series. Each week, we’ll share a new themed playlist, embedded for your convenience! You can copy the track list to your service of choice, or listen right here. Have a sweet playlist of your own? Share it with us in the comments below!

Your Favorite Lightning Cables: Anker PowerLine and PowerLine +

Your Favorite Lightning Cables: Anker PowerLine and PowerLine +
Anker PowerLine

When it comes to third party Lightning cables, Anker’s kevlar-wrapped PowerLine (and braided PowerLine+) cables reigned supreme in the nomination round of this week’s Kinja Co-Op, with AmazonBasics consolidating support as a budget-friendly alternative.







Anker’s victory here isn’t much of a surprise. It already owns Co-Op titles for battery packs, Bluetooth earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, and desk lamps, and readers have already bought well over 10,000 of these cables on Kinja Deals. Here’s what you had to say:

…My Anker cables have survived all sorts of use that have killed other cables many times over.

I originally purchased Monoprice cables, and they had a terrible tendency to fray and stop working. The great thing about Monoprice is that they have a lifetime warranty, but it’s a pain to keep replacing them.

Anker, on the other hand, are great and I am still on my original cables. They also do a bunch of customer appreciation stuff-I’ve received free cables, chargers, etc.

The only negative thing about Anker is that they, like many on Amazon, do the free-for-reviews thing. I hear Amazon is cracking down on that, so there you go: hate the game, not the player, I suppose. – Jägs

I haven’t found and Anker product yet that didn’t make me glad I made the selection. – VitaminCM

The only downside of PowerLine cables is that they’re somewhat expensive. Not compared to Apple’s own cables, of course, but they demand a premium among third party offerings. Luckily, Amazon’s own AmazonBasics Lightning cables are imminently affordable, and also proved to be quite popular.


I prefer the AmazonBasics 6 ft certified lightning cable. I have never had any issues with it breaking down. It doesn’t seem to tangle either. 6 ft means you can (usually) use your phone when it’s plugged into the wall, but it’s not so long that it’s entirely cumbersome. And it’s fairly cheap at $8. They’re the only kind I buy nowadays. – DigitallyCrazy

For a long time I would only buy Apple cables for a long time because the quality of the knockoff ones were so bad that it wasn’t worth the savings. I finally broke-down and got this cable for my bedside; I 100% agree with your nomination. Vote to you. – elpaco13

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